International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering Research


ijaser cover pageInternational Journal of Applied Science and Engineering Research ( ISSN 2277-9442) is a bi-monthly peer reviewed, online, open access international multi-disciplinary journal published by Integrated Publishing Association which covers all aspects of scientific and engineering research. We primarily aim to bring out the research talent and the works done by scientists, academia, engineers, practitioners, scholars, post graduate students of engineering and science so that fellow researchers can get benefit from the research done.  This journal aims to cover the scientific research in a broader sense and not just publishing a niche area of research facilitating researchers from various verticals to publish their papers. It is also aimed to provide a platform for the researchers to publish in a shorter duration of time (normal duration of submission to publication will be within two months) enabling them to continue further. The journal covers all science and engineering disciplines, all advanced scientific disciplines, newer research areas such as biotechnology, environmental biotechnology, plastics, composite research, nanotechnology, nanobiotechnology, etc.  IJASER aims to publish only quality research papers, which are peer reviewed by panel of reviewers; the journal also aims to reduce the review time considerably by adopting various measures.

The following types of papers are considered for publication:
1. Original research works in the above mentioned fields
2. Surveys, opinions, abstracts and essays related to engineering and science.
3. Few critical review papers will be published if the author had done considerable work in that area.

Key Features

  • One of the journals aiming to bring out research in both Science and engineering research with wider scope.
  • Emphasizes to bring out research articles that seeks to uncover the science underlying technological advances.
  • IJASER aims to cover all major domains including general science and engineering.
  • Offering rapid review and publication, mostly the submitted papers will be published within two months.
  • Online availability throughout the year enabling the user to download articles.
  • Issue of DOI from the first issue itself for better citation, our publication is a member of Crossref.
  • Participation in cross citation linking to enable authors get cited and also to track their citations.

Some of the areas covered in the journal are

  • All science and engineering disciplines
  • Pure and applied sciences including biology, zoology, genetics, fishery and other areas.
  • Applied Engineering/ sciences such as Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, etc
  • Application of scientific inventions for engineering purpose
  • Advances in engineering and technology
  • Any new methodology to support engineering products
  • Any new area which has potential to be published in an International journal
  • Areas related to computers and communication.
  • Scientific research related to applied medical sciences.

Frequency of publication

IJASER is published as a bimonthly journal with six issues per year. Special editions are also planned subjected to the scope and need. We are also keen on publishing special issues if need and scope arises, conference articles which are peer reviewed are also welcome for possible consideration. Publication cycle starts from January in an year and the issues will be released once in two months (Jan-Feb, Mar-Apr, May-June, Jul-Aug, Sep-Oct, Nov-Dec ).

Article processing

All submitted articles will be initially subjected to editorial procedures, if found suitable for publishing will be sent to reviewers for peer review. Authors are also invited to suggest at least three potential reviewers who can review their article. It is not mandatory for the editor to send the articles only to the reviewer referred by authors, it is at discretion of the editor to send articles to any reviewer of his/ her choice. Once the review process is completed and authors will be intimated over mail about the outcome of review process with details about further processing.

Digtial Object identifier ( Doi® )

Each article published will be issued with a doi which offers more features in enabling and finding the citation to the article and from the article. Our journal doi is 10.6088/ijaser. and starting from the first issue itself articles were issued with doi and all articles were submitted to Crosscheck. We are also participating in citation back bone linking which enable our authors to trace the citation of their published article.

Abstracting and Indexing

One of our main focus is to disseminate published articles through various academic databases, with our strong exposure in this domain our editorial board is thriving hard to index IJASER in major databases and libraries. Within a short span of time it is presently indexed in Ulrichsweb( Serial solutions), Google scholar, Crossref, CNKI scholar China, J-Gate, Indexcopernicus, Open research, ORCID, Newjour, Scribd,China Academic Journals Full-text Database, CNKI,, China Educational Publications Import & Export Corporation, Index Copernicus, Indian citation index, Informatics, Jayde and we are updating our indexing with constant addition in quality databases. Our journals are receiving good citations, most of our articles published through us are highly cited.

Ethics in publishing

IJASER and its editorial board thrive to achieve the publication by ethical means, we are member of COPE ( Committee on Publishing Ethics) and follow the procedures and guidelines of COPE strictly. All articles submitted to IJASER are screened properly for any plagiarised content through ithenticate software ( Crosscheck) . All issues that arise in publishing will be dealt according to COPE guidelines and we inisist authors submitting articles to IJASER to follow ethical publishing practices which will not only enhance the quality of their work but also will support the development of Science.


We are adopting open access publishing policy in which all articles submitted to IJASER will be published under Creative Commons Attribution Licence (3.0) . Copyright of the pubished articles will be with the concerned authors as per the license, authors will be requested to grant first publishing rights to IJASER. Under this license authors published article can be posted in their personal or their institutions website, can be emailed to their friends and colleagues, also may be printed, freely distributed, archived in any collection, included in a course material, quoted in publications, translated and distributed, provided that the original work is cited. For full details about the Creative Commons License click here and to view our open access policy click here.