International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering Research

Volume 1 Issue 1 2012 - February 2012

1. Response spectrum analysis of a shear frame structure by using MATLAB doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101001 
     Authors: Pravin B. Waghmare, P.S.Pajgade, N. M. Kanhe  SER120001  pp 1- 10 View details

2. Optimization of Scheduling Problems: A genetic algorithm survey doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101002 
     Authors: Aman Kumar, Ashwani K. Dhingra  SER120002  pp 11- 25 View details

3. ENSO connection with monsoon rainfall over Bangladesh doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101003 
     Authors: Wahiduzzaman, Md SER120003  pp 26- 38 View details

4. Prediction of surface roughness in turning process using soft computing techniques doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101004 
     Authors: Sita Rama Raju K, Rajesh S, Rama Murty Raju P SER120004  pp 39- 46 View details

5. Study of heat transfer coefficient & friction factor of stationary square channel with V shaped & 45˚angled arc of circle ribs with different blokage ratio doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101005
     Authors: Umesh Potdar, Nilesh Shinde,Manoj Hambarde SER120005  pp 47- 56 View details

6. Electrochemical treatment of landfill leachate doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101006
     Authors: C Ramprasad SER120006  pp 57- 67 View details

7. Effect of acid rain on geotechnical properties of composite fine-grained soil doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101007
     Authors: Grytan Sarkar et al SER120007  pp 68- 77 View details

8. First comprehensive design of XLINK doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101008
     Authors: Seifedine Kadry, Ali Kalakech SER120008  pp 78- 91 View details

9. Modeling the risk factors in ergonomic processes in Brick kilns workers using Fuzzy Logic doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101009
     Authors: P.K.Manoharan, Sanjay Kumar Jha, B.K.Singh SER120009  pp 92- 97 View details

10. A review on thermocouple for power generation doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101010
     Authors: R K Aggarwal, Sangeet Markanda SER120010  pp 98- 105 View details

11. Wear studies on wrought and heat treated Nimonic, Titanium and Superco super alloys doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101011
     Authors: N Jegadeeswaran, Udaya Bhat K, Ramesh M R SER120011  pp 106- 116 View details

12. CFD simulation of heat and mass transfer of Lithium bromide flow over absorber circular tubes                                                               doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101012 Authors: A.I. Shehata , M.M. Abo Elazm SER120012  pp 117- 126 View details

13.Dry spell analysis for effective water management planning doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101013                                                   Authors: Kandasamy P, Chellamuthu M. SER120013  pp 127- 137 View details

14. Ultimate shear strength of Fibrous moderate deep beams without stirrup doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101014                                 Authors: Vinu R. Patel, I. I. Pandya SER120014  pp 138- 145 View details

15. Strength comparison of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) wrapped concrete exposed to high temperature                                    doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101015  Authors: Ponmalar.V SER120015  pp 146- 151 View details  

16. Evaluation of the effect of Spirulina against Gamma irradiation induced oxidative stress and tissue injury in rats

     doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101016  Authors: Rehab Makhlouf, Ibrahim Makhlouf SER120016  pp 152- 164 View details  

17.Simulation and measurement of the voltage distribution on high voltage suspension Porcelain insulator string under pollution condition doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101017  Authors: Mohammad Bagher Asadpoor et al., SER120017  pp 165- 175 View details

18 .Effect of reinforcements and heat treatment on tensile strength of Al-Si-Mg based hybrid composite   doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101018  Authors: M.Sreenivasa reddy et al., SER120018  pp 176- 183 View details  

19. Assessment of airborne bacteria in open sewage associated environment    doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101019  Authors: Pathak A.K, Verma K. S. SER120019  pp 184- 194 View details  

20.Identification of the challenges ahead of the Spin-off companies: A case study of science and technology park, University of Tehran  doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101020  Authors: Latif Karimi Sureh et al., SER120020  pp 195- 211 View details