International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering Research

Volume 1 Issue 2 2012 - April 2012 New Issue

1.16s rDNA Based Identification of Bacteria in the Organophosphates Treated Agricultural Soil  doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101021  

      Authors: Nazia. S. Sultan et al., SER120021  pp 212- 223 View details  

2.Studies on the groundwater quality from six villages of Hatkanangale Taluka, Kolhapur district  doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101022
Priya P. Loni et al., SER120022  pp 224- 231 View details  

3.Properties of Some Euler Graphs Constructed from Euler Diagram  doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101023
 Authors: Rongdeep Pathak et al., SER120023  pp 232- 237 View details  

4.A Stochastic Modelling Technique for Predicting Groundwater Table Fluctuations with Time Series Analysis  doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101024
 Authors: Sajal Kumar Adhikary et al., SER120024  pp 238- 249 View details  

5.Micro Structural Aspects of Aluminium Silicon Carbide Metal Matrix Composite  doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101025
 Authors: C.Neelima Devi et al., SER120025  pp 250- 254 View details  

6.Euler Lagrange based Solution for Image Processing  doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101026
  Authors: Asha Ashok et al., SER120026  pp 255- 265 View details  

7.The transportation of petroleum Products by sea and the environmental challenge  doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101027
 Authors: Brahim Idelhakkar et al., SER120027  pp 266- 273 View details  

8.Fracture analysis of Carbon-epoxy dual jacketed pressure vessels  doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101028
  Authors: K.V.S. Seshendra Kumar SER120028  pp 274- 281 View details  

9.Novel method to synthesize and characterize Zinc Sulfide nanoparticles  doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101029
  Authors: Yesu Thangam Y et al., SER120029  pp 282- 286 View details  

10.Heat Transfer Characteristics of Horizontal Cylinder Cooling Under Single Impinging Water Jet  doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101030
 Authors: M. M. Abo El-Nasr et al., SER120030  pp 287- 301 View details  

11.Using Failure Mode Effect Analysis in a Precision Sheet Metal Parts Manufacturing Company  doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101031
  Authors: R.S.Mhetre et al., SER120031  pp 302- 312 View details  

12.The Prediction of Thermodynamic-Kinetic Behavior of Anti Solvent Crystallization from Sodium Chloride Aqueous Systems Containing Non-electrolytes  doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101032
 Authors: Dariush Jafari et al., SER120032 pp 313- 325 View details  

13.Tolerance effect of Phenol on survival of three species of earthworm  doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101033
  Authors: Hrushikesh.N et al., SER120033  pp 326- 338 View details  

14.Potential of Biomass Gasification for Power Generation: an assessment of Madhya Pradesh, India  doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101034
 Authors: A.N. Bhatt et al., SER120034  pp 339- 347 View details  

15.Analysis of Deep Beam Using Finite Element Method  doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101035
 Authors: Enem, J.I et al., SER120035  pp 348- 356 View details  

16.Perturbations at 27 kHz Atmospherics in Relation to Indonesia Earthquake  doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101036
 Authors: A.B. Bhattacharya et al., SER120036  pp 357- 364 View details  

17.Supervision of Sacred Groves (A Traditional Science) on Environment Management:  Diagrammatically Explained  doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101037
 Authors: Tapas Pal SER120037  pp 365- 371 View details  

18.An empirical study of green supply chain management in Indian perspective  doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101038
 Authors: L.K.Toke et. al., SER120038  pp 372- 383 View details  

19.Rayleigh-Taylor instability of two stratified Rivlin-Ericksen superposed fluids permeated with suspended particles in porous medium  doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101039
 Authors: G. C. Rana et. al., SER120039  pp 384- 390 View details  

20.Optimum utilization of quarry dust as partial replacement of sand in concrete  doi: 10.6088/ijaser.0020101040
 Authors: Lohani T.K. et. al., SER120040  pp 391- 404 View details