International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering Research

Volume 2 Issue 6 2013 - December 2013

1. An overview of aquifer pollution by petroleum hydrocarbons and possible remediation techniques doi:10.6088/ijaser.020600001 Authors: O.S. Oladeji JASER21057 pp 589-597 View details

2. Two commodity perishable inventory system with negative and Impatient customers, postponed demands and a finite population doi:10.6088/ijaser.020600002 Authors: Jeganathan. K JASER21058 pp 598-612 View details

3. Adsorption and Inhibitive Properties of Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose on the Acid Corrosion of Mild steel doi:10.6088/ijaser.020600003 Authors: Arukalam.I.O et al JASER21059 pp 613-629 View details

4. Evaluation of groundwater quality and depth with respect to different land covers in Delhi, India doi:10.6088/ijaser.020600004 Authors: Parul Gupta and Kiranmay Sarma JASER21060 pp 630-643 View details

5. Effect of tip injection on an axial flow fan under distorted inflow doi:10.6088/ijaser.020600005 Authors: Arun Raj S and Pal Pandian P JASER21061 pp 644-650 View details

6. Design Electronic Stethoscope for Cardiac Auscultation analyzed using Wavelet Decomposition doi:10.6088/ijaser.020600006 Authors: Dewa Gede, Hari Wisana JASER21062 pp 651-659 View details