International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering Research

Volume 3 Issue 2 2014 - April 2014

1. Assessment of waste water temperature and it's relationship with turbidity of rural area of Bilaspur, C.G., India doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200001 Authors: Pratima Rani Dwivedi JASER31031 pp 310-318 View details

2. Seismic performance of 4-legged Self-supporting Telecommunication Towers doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200002 Authors: Gholamreza Soltanzadeh et. al., JASER31032 pp 319-332 View details

3. Parameters affecting performance of capacitive micro machined ultrasonic transducer (CMUT) doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200003 Authors: Archana Chhikara, Sunita Malik JASER31033 pp 333-338 View details

4. New correlations of condensate gas ratio (cgr) – part 1: for eastern niger delta region doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200004 Authors: Ikiensikimama s. S et. al., JASER31034 pp 339-348 View details

5. The influence of particle size and concentration of recycled tyre rubber on the rheological properties of Trinidad lake asphalt and petroleum bitumen doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200005 Authors: Maharaj R et. al., JASER31035 pp 349-365 View details

6. Design and modeling of a magneto rheological fluid based clutch system doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200006 Authors: Aditya Tandon et. al., JASER31036 pp 366-372 View details

7. Diversity of Finger Patterns and Its Indices among Muslims of Daman and Diu, Western India doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200007 Authors: Indelah Khan, A.K. Kapoor JASER31037 pp 373-382 View details

8. Analytical solution of non-linear differential equations in Aerobic stabilization doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200008 Authors: Muthukumar S, Rajendran L JASER31038 pp 383-392 View details

9. Design and analysis of proximity microstrip patch antenna with parasitic lines doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200009 Authors: Sukhjit kaur et. al., JASER31039 pp 393-401 View details

10. Assessing farmers' knowledge of effects of agrochemical use on human health and the environment: a case study of Akuapem South Municipality, Ghana doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200010 Authors: Omari, S JASER31040 pp 402-410 View details

11. The streambed sediment grain size analysis and empirical formula of vertical hydraulic conductivity of Wei River doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200011 Authors: Ren Lu, Yan Xu JASER31041 pp 411-421 View details

12. Induced growth promotion under in vitro salt stress tolerance on solanum lycopersicum by fluorescent pseudomonads associated with rhizosphere doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200012 Authors: Nishma K. S et. al., JASER31042 pp 422-430 View details

13. Three dimensional kinematic analysis of the drag flick for accuracy doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200013 Authors: Naushad Waheed Ansari et. al., JASER31043 pp 431-435 View details

14. Experimental studies on tannery wastewater using cactus powder as an adsorbent doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200014 Authors: Swathi M et. al., JASER31044 pp 436-446 View details

15. Cyber crime spatial data analysis doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200015 Authors: Saravanan M and Thilagaraj R, JASER31045 pp 447-454 View details

16. Cycle time reduction in assembly line through layout improvement, ergonomics analysis and lean principles doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200016 Authors: Rahul Pulkurte et al., JASER31046 pp 455-463 View details

17. Effect of inoculation on storage and loss moduli of high density polyethylene/cellulose blend doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200017 Authors: Nakitare W. M and Merenga A. S, JASER31047 pp 464-472 View details

18. Eco-friendly anaerobic treatment for coffee pulping wastewater doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200018 Authors: Hariprasad N. V et al., JASER31048 pp 473-477 View details

19. Application of splunk towards log files analysis and monitoring of mobile communication nodes doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200019 Authors: Chamarthi et al., JASER31049 pp 478-483 View details

20. Effects of processing methods of leptadenia hastata leaves on haematological and serum biochemistry of weaner rabbits doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200020 Authors: Wafar R. J et al., JASER31050 pp 484-494 View details

21. Insecticidal Effect of Jatropha curcas Oil Phorbol Esters on the Nymph, Adult Cockroaches and Termites doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200021 Authors: Fatai Abiola Lateef et al., JASER31051 pp 495-503 View details

22. Variant Surface Glycoprotein 4, a potential diagnostic candidate for the detection of Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense infections doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200022 Authors: Ouma L. A. et al., JASER31052 pp 504-511 View details

23. Studies on mechanical properties of PC – ABS blends doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200023 Authors: Mahendrasinh M Raj, JASER31053 pp 512-518 View details

24. Quantitative and Qualitative analysis, and comparative study of essential oil extracted from Nigerian orange, lemon and lime peels doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200024 Authors: Njoku V.I., Evbuomwan B.O, JASER31054 pp 519-531 View details

25. Compare three reactive routing protocols in grid based cluster wireless sensor network using qualnet simulator doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200025 Authors: PratibhaKevre, LaxmiShrivastava, JASER31055 pp 532-539 View details

26. Cracking Bluetooth security doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200026 Authors: Viswa prakash babu et al., JASER31056 pp 540-545 View details

27. Correlation analysis of climatic dynamics of Jammu and Kashmir using wavelet methods doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200027 Authors: Mudassar Rashid Lone et al., JASER31057 pp 546-556 View details

28. Removal of packet loss and many-to-one / one-to-one congestion control in TCP doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200028 Authors: Aswathy M.S., JASER31058 pp 557-563 View details

29. “Photo and biodegradation performance of Polypropylene blended with photodegradable additive 4, 4’ Bis (Dimethylamino) Benzophenone (DMDAB) “(Part-II) doi:10.6088/ijaser.030200029 Authors: Rajshree Vijayvargiya et al., JASER31059 pp 564-585 View details