International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering Research

Volume 4 Issue 3 2015 June issue

1. Theoretical analysis and design of innovative cold formed beam sections doi:10.6088/ijaser.04028 View details

2. Adaptive control of a voltage source converter for power factor correction doi:10.6088/ijaser.04029 View details

3. Design and analysis of a bicycle wheel spokes and their effects of the number of spokes on their stiffness doi:10.6088/ijaser.04030 View details

4. Effects of local clay incorporation technique on the mechanical properties of natural rubber vulcanizates doi:10.6088/ijaser.04031 View details

5. To evaluate the values of electrical conductivity and growth parameters of apple saplings in nursery fields doi:10.6088/ijaser.04032 View details

6. Enhancement of images with speckle noise reduction using different filters doi:10.6088/ijaser.04033 View details

7. Theoretical study on the possible method of passage of charge through the fracture site blood and its clot in the when an electric current is applied doi:10.6088/ijaser.04034 View details

8. Structural characterization and physical properties of three different types of peppermint (Mentha cervina) doi:10.6088/ijaser.04035 View details

9. Folding bridge – a model unfolded for disaster management doi:10.6088/ijaser.04036 View details

10. Geotechnical Studies on the suitability of Abakaliki clay for industrial uses as drilling mud. doi:10.6088/ijaser.04037 View details

11. An efficient data scheduling policy in operating system for wireless sensor platforms to build fast query doi:10.6088/ijaser.04038 View details