International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering Research

Volume 5 Issue 3 2016 - June issue

1. A study on soil and vegetable characteristics of agricultural areas of Mysore District doi:10.6088/ijaser.05020 View details

2. Three-Dimensional probabilistic analysis of flow around island in a braided river model doi:10.6088/ijaser.05021 View details

3. Physico-Chemical characteristics of ground water samples in and around Tiruchirappalli Town, Tamilnadu, India

doi:10.6088/ijaser.05022 View details

4. Emerging patterns in the complexity: Their organization within systems science doi:10.6088/ijaser.05023 View details

5. Effect of underwater explosion on submerged bodies doi:10.6088/ijaser.05024 View details

6. A Review on applicability and design of sequencing batch reactor doi:10.6088/ijaser.05025 View details

7.Simulation and analysis of uncontrolled propagating forest fire on square lattice doi:10.6088/ijaser.05026 View details