International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering Research

Volume 5 Issue 6 2016 - December issue

Issue under updation, published articles are fully citable.

1. On rotatory hydro magnetic multicomponent convection doi:10.6088/ijaser.05040 View details

2. A Review on applicability and design of sequencing batch reactor doi:10.6088/ijaser.05041 View details

3. Developing low cost 3 D printer doi:10.6088/ijaser.05042 View details

4. Design of a spool type 4 way 3 position directional control valve for use in tractor hydraulics systemdoi:10.6088/ijaser.05043 View details

5. Detecting Temporal Changes of Small Water Bodies Using GIS Techniques: Northern part of Bangladesh as a Case Study

doi:10.6088/ijaser.05044 View details

6. In vitro screening of Annona Reticulata l. pericarp for antimicrobial activity doi:10.6088/ijaser.05045 View details

7. On exact solutions of Dirac equation with pseudo-scalar coupling involving cubic nonlinearity doi:10.6088/ijaser.05046 View details

8. A comparative study of prediction models for Coagulation process in drinking Water Treatment Plants doi:10.6088/ijaser.05047 View details

9. Kinetics and retention chromatographic of chromium (VI) sorption from aqueous solution using roasted powder of date pits

doi:10.6088/ijaser.05048 View details